Uni-Vac System is designed for fully automatic or manually attended operation. The UniVac principally functions to remove water and light hydrocarbon from oil. The system is operated under vacuum condition and the oil is forced by atmospheric pressure through heating chamber to raise the oil temperature to a desired level. The oil is then drawn in to a vacuum chamber where it is exposed in the form of thin layer to the vacuum at a very slow flow rate.

The oil exposed to a vacuum, were water ( free, dissolved and emulsified ), dissolved gasses, air and other low range volatilize boiled by a heat / vacuum process. With this process, the oil is purified and conditioned to a safe operational standard. No additives or detergents are removed. It finds applications in hydraulic fluids, phosphate ester fluids, lube oils, seal oils, turbine oils, cutting oils, insulating oils, paper machine oils, heat transfer fluids, thermic fluid filtration etc.

High Vacuum mobile insulating oil filtration plant

To obtain good performance from transformer, the present and future transformer require high quality and purity insulating oil at the time of use. The increasing voltage and rating of the modern transformer, electrical apparatus results in greater electrical stress in insulating material and fluids. To avoid this stresses, oil with good dielectric qualities and minimum residual moisture (water) content in oil must be maintained.

A contaminated oil losses its characteristics of dielectric strength, resistivity and loss factor. Moisture in addition, favor acid and sludge formation. The CEE DEE insulating oil treatment equipment has been designed specifically for the insulating oils used with transformers, electric cables, switch gears etc

Unique Features

• Capacity from 50 LPH to 24000 LPH.

• Easy-to-clean inlet mesh filter to catch hold coarse dirt.

• Standard efficiency 0.5 / 1 Micron cartridge filter.

• Heat exchange through very low specific power electric heaters.

• Degassing column with either single, two or three-stage version.

• Vacuum pump set in combination with rotary vane vacuum pump and Root pump to improve the vacuum pumping speed

• Compact, easy to operate equipment supplied with pneumatic wheels for an easy transport on road.

Turbine Oil Filtration Plant

After a long serve, the scientists involve in continues development of efficiency of Turbine and lubrication system. Concluded, water in oil, foreign contamination in oil etc. result in failure of system. There are many different ways for water / contamination etc to enter in Turbine Oil Systems.

The control of these unwanted additives, is beyond the control. Latest technology in good quality oils, design to meet each and every demand imposed on them by Turbine lubrication. And these are more inclined to form emulsions. The expected performance from Turbine Lubricant mostly depends upon the sensitive additives which are easily dissolved in or destroyed by water.


Vol.10 No.11 September 1999 CEE DEE Vacuum Equipment Pvt. Ltd. offers a micro mobile coolant filter, which can reach parts of the factory where similarly powered larger machine cannot reach. Operating in a continuous pumping and discharge cycle.

Average sumps are cleaned and filtered in as little as ten minutes. Its small size, superb mobility and big power means that the micro mobile coolant filter is ideally suited to a broad spectrum of industrial house heeping tasks, from the maintenance of highly complex CNC and FMS machining centers down to the simplest workshop tool.

The filtration capacity of the machine is up to 100 microns and is available with capacities of 100/250/500 liters.


Plastvision India 2001

9th National Exhibition held in Bombay on December 10th 2001. Cee Dee displayed lived demonstration of Uni-Vac ( Oil Dehydration Unit ) & Electrostatic Oil Cleaner with unique features, PLC controlled, Fault indication (Alpha / Numeric) display & dehydration attachment.

Patented product in market to manage & monitor the health of Transformer.
Elecrama 2008 ( Bombay ) 7th International Exhibition
January 18 to January 22st
Stall no: HH-101 / Hall No:5

On-line Transformer Desludging & Regeneration

Demo-Online Regeneration Plant, date 14th November 2007
Location (Narayan gaon) MSEB (Transco)
Transformer 16.MVA, VOLTAS MAKE, 220/30 KVA cla
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